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Monarch Real Estate is the first real estate company designed for the marketplace of tomorrow. Our focus is on exploring new creative frontiers, and redefining the pathways to success in real estate. 

At Monarch, we do things differently. Our background is in Property Management, and we leveraged that experience into sales, combining all of our knowledge, foresight, and overall property know-how, to benefit sellers and buyers. 

We understand, that now more than ever, it is paramount to help our clients and partners adapt to economical and behavioral market changes at lightning speeds. We combine traditional brokerage services, with forward thinking innovation, and state-of-the-art marketing, that directly impacts the real estate buying and selling experience.

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Our Strategy sets us apart from the competition. Our combined services at Monarch Real Estate, and how they work together, puts in a unique, and unparalleled position to service buyers and sellers.

We combine Property Management, Investment, Construction, and Sales experience, to cater to every buyer and seller need. Our Construction division is able to work hand-in-hand with our sales team in pushing deals through that need a little extra work to bring to the finish line. If you're buying or selling a rental property, our Property Management division is able to work alongside you in due diligence, lease reviews, and tenant coordination. If you have questions on how a property will perform long-term, we call on our Investment team to crunch the numbers and deliver the best solutions and options for the property. 

Whatever your buying and selling need may be, we have you covered. In addition to that, our in-house construction division is able to service your home for years to come, should you have any issues; we call that "Peace of Mind Purchasing". 

Black Chess Pieces


Sales. Simplified. We do the heavy lifting, so that the sales experience is fluent, simple, and successful whether you are buying or selling. 

We believe that a few of the keys to a successful real estate transaction include communication, negotiation, expertise, and strategy. Monarch Real Estate is able to leverage all of its assets, to ensure that properties are marketed effectively, buyers are represented in a proper manner, and once a contract is signed, we're able to deploy all of our in-house teams to make sure the deal crosses the finish line. 

Buyers immediately gain access to our in-house network, taking the stresses off of them of wondering what to do if something goes wrong with the house. 

Sellers immediately gain access to the most forward-thinking real estate firm in the Sioux Falls region, and they can trust that, with our resources and expertise, a sale will be made. 

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