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Captivating Shower Remodel

Have you ever found yourself wanting to update the interior of your home, but unsure of who you can turn to, or even who you can trust to do the work? Look no further, because Monarch Real Estate is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured with the City of Sioux Falls to complete any of your home remodel jobs. Just recently we finished up a fun shower remodel project, in which the home owners allowed us to guide the project.

We take pride in our communication, ability to deliver, and ultimately the quality of the finish of our work. This shower came fully equipped with two marble shelves, two rainfall shower heads opposite of each other, and an older glass slide door. In order to incorporate these elements into the job, so that the shower maintained its feel, but had a different look, we decided to get rid of the larger, lower shelf shown in the before picture, and install a horizontal shower niche in its place. This freed up space for movement in the shower, without sacrificing shelf space. When installing horizontal niches, the wall's studs sometimes will not allow for the niche to sit on center, within the shower; this was the case with this shower. To compensate for that niche offset, we re-installed a small marble shelf to the left of the niche which allowed for a symmetrical, centered look throughout.

In deciding the style of the tile, and the layout, the owners let us know they love the rock style tile, and wanted a brown finish. Our combination of materials was to get large brown tile for the walls, small white river rock for the flooring and niche, with an off-white grout to help bring out the white in the tile, while simultaneously blending it with the rocks. Our tile trim was a brushed nickel finish, which blends with the shower fixtures that were already there. By laying the tiles horizontally, it allowed for a captivating contrast due to the river rock being run vertically through the shower fixtures.

Ultimately, this shower came together wonderfully, and we're excited to do more projects like it!

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