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Property Management.. Incredibly Beneficial or Necessary Evil?

Why is it that Property Management gets a bad reputation?

My name is Logan Koopman, and I'm the Owner, Creator, and Founder of Monarch Real Estate based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I want to take a moment to discuss Monarch Property Management's philosophy, how we came to be in business, and why property management companies so often find themselves with a bad reputation.

I was fortunate to acquire 8 units of rental property my first year investing in real estate. As a new investor, I figured I would look into property management companies in the region, learn about their services, and decide who the best option was. After looking into the region's property management companies, it became quickly apparent to me that they were just that. MANAGEMENT COMPANIES. Their services did not excite me, and it did not seem as though they offered an investor any real benefit other than to look over a property, make sure it didn't burn down, and maybe find tenants slightly faster (for a fee of course). Can you relate to that thought as a fellow real estate investor? Because of what I was seeing, and because of my entrepreneurial spirit, I set out to form a philosophy around the way I was managing my own units, my investment background, and create a management company... a short time after that, Monarch Property Management was born!

Our philosophy at Monarch Property Management, is to create tangible, realized value for the Owner, through strategic, actionable, and proactive Property Management Solutions. Our team carries a holistic and in-depth knowledge of real estate investing, and we use our background and expertise in asset value creation to take our management business beyond that of a typical property management company.

At Monarch Property Management, we create value for our Owners, through strategic value-add initiatives, carefully thought out, articulated, and prepared management plans, and relentless execution.

We do not view ourselves as Property Managers, but more so Value Creators and partners to our Owner's portfolios. Here at Monarch Property Management, we know that planning is everything, and failing to plan is planning to fail. Our dedication to our units is unmatched, and we'd like to invite you to reach out to us in order to discuss what we have going on behind the scenes, and why we're the best option in town.

So the question remains.. why do Property Management companies so often find themselves with a bad reputation? It is because of their inability to deliver creative solutions and real results for investors.

Is property management incredibly beneficial or just a necessary evil? The answer can be both, but it is only a necessary evil if you choose the wrong partner that doesn't provide value. Reach out to us today, we're a true value creation company!

Monarch Property Management

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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