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Control & Delivery that you can Count On.


Monarch Real Estate only invests in deals that are situated within our local markets, this affords Monarch Real Estate the ability to manage in-house, and maintain high amounts of control throughout the investment process.

Our investment strategy is focused around the tightening, reinforcing, and strengthening of operational activities, coupled with powerful value-add initiatives that think forward and stay ahead of market trends, rather than fall behind them.



Service & Value that goes Beyond simply Managing.


Our Management group believes firmly in approaching management with the intent to increase, not maintain. We treat our managed assets no differently than we would treat our own value-add investments, making an active effort to increase the managed property's value.

We are skilled in implementing strategic initiatives that help to reduce tenant turnover, increase rents, and force appreciation for any particular asset. Whether it is a 10-unit building, or a 200-unit community, the fundamentals of our approach stay the same.