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an act of devoting time, effort, or money to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result

How Investors Make Money


Through strategic business plan execution, investors realize natural appreciation in the asset, as well as forced value appreciation through physical and operational improvements.

Cash Flow

Positive Cash Flow through operations and rental income is distributed to investors on a predefined basis throughout the hold period.

Tax Benefits

Investors benefit from the annualized depreciation of the asset, that often times offsets any cash distributions, resulting in tax-free income.


Revenue accumulated through natural operation of the asset, is used to pay down the debt on the property, while also paying down the principal, resulting in increased equity positions.

We look to source off-market real estate opportunities that provide tremendous value to our partners. We focus on market segments that provide a strong economic outlook relating to overall GDP output, positive population growth, strong employment numbers, and a growing demand for multi-family dwellings. These factors in turn will provide for effective real estate investment opportunities. 


Why Multi-Family?


Risk vs. Return








Uncommon among investments, investing in multi-family offers an incredible ability to use leverage to buy a larger asset with less cash outlay.


It is increasingly evident that the younger and older generations alike are opting to rent rather than buy. As this trend continues, the demand for multi-family dwellings will continue to rise. 


Appreciation, Tax Benefits, Principal Pay-Down, Cash-Flow from Rents, and Profit at Sale are several ways investors realize returns from investing in multi-family.

Monarch Real Estate Investments


We maintain exceptional levels of control due to being physically located in the markets we invest in, and managing our projects in-house. There are no surprises or unforeseen challenges that we can’t deal with in a timely and effective manner due to controlling the assets in-house, as well as managing them in-house. We’re able to make and execute on quick decisions throughout the lifecycle as needed to stay on track with our plan.

Modern Apartment Building

Tactical Acquisitions
Strategic Value-Add
Deliberate Exits

Shaking Hands


Our Investments Group aims to acquire off-market commercial properties with value-add potential, re-position the asset, tighten the management, and exit with controllable returns on investor capital.

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